Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Change part or workplane colors in views
Change part or workplane colors in views
You can customize the look of parts' normal, hidden, and tangent lines within the view of an assembly in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. You'll find this useful for drawing particular parts or assemblies in standard colors while dimming or graying out surrounding parts or assemblies. Or, you might wish to group particular parts (according to function or subcontractor, for example) by color.
In Creo Elements/Direct Modeling, you can also customize the workplanes and the wire parts.
To change part or workplane colors within views,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Setup group, click the arrow next to Properties.
2. Click Part / Workplane Geometry Styles. The 3D VP (viewport) opens with a model if available.
3. Select the parts or the workplanes whose color you wish to change, in the Structure Browser. You can also select a wire part. The Part / Workplane Geometry Styles dialog box opens.
4. To change the color of a view, click the Views check box and select the views in the Structure Browser.
5. Select new color settings for Normal, Hidden, or Tangent lines.
6. Click Close to complete the operation. You must update the views to see the changes. For more information, see Update a view.