Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify sketches > Rename a sketch
Rename a sketch
You can change the name of an existing sketch. Note that two sketches can have the same name if they have different owners.
To rename a sketch,
1. Click Insert and then, in the Sketch group, click Properties.
2. Select the sketch in the viewport or double-click the sketch in the Drawing Browser.
The Sketch Properties dialog box opens.
Alternatively, select the sketch in the viewport, right-click, and select Sketch Properties from the context menu. Set the preselection focus on the Status Bar to Sketch or All to preselect the sketch. You can also select double-click the sketch in the Drawing Browser and click on the Command Mini Toolbar.
3. Specify the sketch to rename in one of the following ways:
Enter the name of the sketch in the Sketch box.
Click the sketch in the viewport.
Select the sketch from the Drawing Browser.
4. Enter a new name for the sketch in the New Name box.
5. Click Close to complete the operation.
It is good practice to avoid giving sketches the same name as a sheet, drawing, or view.
You can also directly rename a sketch from the DrawingBrowser.