Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Size style settings
Size style settings
The size style appears with dimension arrow mode and text size in the default settings.
For an example of size style,
1. Click File > Settings > Dimension > Dim Text Settings. The Default Settings browser opens with the Text (under Dimension) settings.
2. Double-click Size Style under any of the headings such as Main Tolerance. The Size Style of Annotation/Dimension/Text/Main Tolerance table opens. Here you can choose a default size style or create a new one, setting such values as:
Style name
Relative factor
You can set the size of text and length of dimension arrows either absolutely or relative to the main dimension text size specified in the dimension main value text style.
When an absolute size is changed, the corresponding relative value is adjusted automatically to show the relation of the changed text or arrow size to the main dimension text size. Likewise, changing a relative value causes the absolute size to be recalculated.