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Label includes scale setting
For an example of label includes scale setting,
1. Click File > Settings > View 2D > View Settings. The Default Settings browser opens with View settings.
2. Expand View > Standard > Appearance > View Scale.
3. Double-click Includes Scale.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation provides the following three options for including the scale in a view label:
Automatic includes the standard and general view scale in the label only when it is not equal to the default scale factor of its sheet.
Yes includes the view scale in the label.
No does not include the view scale in the label.
The illustration shows the scale included the labels of both views; in the view to the left, the prefix is "scale," in upper case, the format is Colon syntax 1:1 with no brackets. In the view to the right, the prefix remains "scale," in lower case, the format is Slash syntax 1/1 with square brackets.