Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify hatching > Change a hatch pattern
Change a hatch pattern
You can change the pattern of existing hatching to the default hatch pattern or to another defined pattern. This is useful to distinguish different materials, components and so on. See Hatch style settings for examples of Creo Elements/Direct Annotation-provided hatch patterns.
To change a hatch pattern to another defined pattern,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Annotate group, click the arrow next to Properties.
2. Click Hatch.
The Modify Hatch dialog box opens with the Manual and Calc options selected. This allows you to select both manually- and automatically-created hatching; you can switch off either of the switches to restrict hatch selection.
3. Click the hatching to modify.
4. Specify the new hatch pattern using one of the options under Fill in:
Click Name to open the Hatch Standards table. Click the required pattern from the table, and click Apply (or double-click the entry). You can also enter the pattern name in the Name box.
Click Grab, and click a hatch pattern on the sheet.
Click Default to adopt the default hatch pattern.
In all three cases, the boxes in the Modify Hatch dialog box are updated to show the selected pattern's attributes.
5. Click to apply the new pattern.