Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation tools > Measure tool > Measure
The Measure tool allows you to measure drawing geometry and to use the measurement values as inputs to other operations.
To open the Measure dialog box:
1. Click Annotation, Geometry, or Insert and then, in the Utilities group, click the arrow next to .
2. Click Between Points. The Measure dialog box opens.
You can measure the following values:
The coordinates of a point in the viewport (Point).
The angle between two drawing elements (Angle).
The length of a straight or curved edge (Length).
The radius of a circle or arc (Radius).
The distance between any two points in the viewport (Between Pts).
The horizontal distance between any two points (Horizontal).
The vertical distance between any two points (Vertical).
Some of the measurement options display graphical feedback on the drawing while you select elements. The measured values are displayed in an output field at the bottom of the Measure dialog box.
The results of a measurement can be used as inputs for other Creo Elements/Direct Annotation actions, for example, specifying lengths for added geometry. Since Measure is an interrupt function, invoking it while doing another operation does not terminate the current operation. Click or to use the output from Measure as input for the interrupted operation.