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The 3D viewport
To help you visualize 2D views of a model, you can open an independent 3D viewport to see Creo Elements/Direct Modeling models as you work in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. The 3D VP viewport works exactly the same as a standard Creo Elements/Direct Modeling viewport, therefore you have access to the Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Structure Browser, Show settings, and Viewport settings, for example.
To open the 3D viewport,
Click View and then, in the Window group, click Aux 3D Viewport.
The 3D VP viewport can also be used to select parts and assemblies as input in some Creo Elements/Direct Annotation commands. An example of selecting from the 3D VP is to click in it the components to include when saving a bundle.
To use the 3D VP to select components for another command, the viewport must be open before the command is started, and must remain open during the command. Otherwise the command will be terminated when the viewport is opened or closed.
It is possible to define a default Creo Elements/Direct Modeling viewport as the reference for the 3D VP viewport. The drawlist and view direction of the reference would also be used by this viewport.
To change the 3D viewport background,
1. Right-click in the 3D VP and select Viewport Properties on the context menu. The Vport: 3D VP dialog box opens.
2. Click the Background button at the top of the dialog. The Viewport Background dialog box opens.
3. Select a Type: Single Color, Color Gradient, or Image.
4. If you selected a single color or a gradient, set the color(s).
5. If you selected an image, you can choose to display the image tiled or centered in the viewport.
6. Click to complete the operation.
To change the 3D viewport colors,
1. Click File > Settings > Viewport. The Default Settings table opens.
2. Select a new Background Color for the viewport (under Appearance). If required, to create contrast between the background and the drawing elements, double-click Invert Elements.
3. You can also select a new Highlight Color and Highlight Line Type.
4. Close the Default Settings table.