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Set the default Creo Elements/Direct Modeling viewport
You can set a Creo Elements/Direct Modeling viewport to be the reference viewport for use in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. Whenever an auxiliary 3D viewport or the 3D VP viewport is opened, the specified default viewport is used as the reference for the drawlist and the viewport direction.
When no reference viewport is specified or the current reference viewport no longer exists, the drawlist and viewport direction of a randomly selected viewport are taken as reference.
To define a default Creo Elements/Direct Modeling viewport, use the following function:
(docu::docu-set-reference-3d-vp "viewport name")
For example:
(docu::docu-set-reference-3d-vp "vport4")
This sets the default reference viewport to be "vport4".
Related default viewport functions are the following:
(docu::docu-inq-reference-3d-vp) displays the name of the current default viewport.
(docu::docu-reset-reference-3d-vp) resets the default viewport setting back to random.