Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Manipulate drawing elements > Move, gather, and copy elements
Move, gather, and copy elements
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation provides a general drawing-administration command that moves and copies drawing elements, and changes their owners. The Move command is a very powerful tool that can be used on almost all drawing elements, including view geometry.
To open the Move tool: Click Annotation, Geometry, or Insert tab and then, in the Utilities group, click (Move Elements). The Move Elements dialog box opens.
For example, you can do the following with Move:
Gather a selection of diverse elements under a common owner.
Move or copy a selection of related text and symbols in one operation; reference lines would be adjusted to the new position.
Transfer text, symbols, and sketches to different owners but retain their original positions.
Copy view geometry to create non-associative copies of views or parts of views.
The methods to move elements are similar to those used to move views. To move elements to a different sheet, you simply specify the target sheet as the new owner (or specify a new owner, such as a view, that is on the target sheet). You use these move options also when you create copies of elements. In this case, a Repeat factor allows you to make multiple copies of selected elements in one operation.
The Move command options are:
Specifies if manually-added elements should be available for selection (switched on by default).
Specifies if Creo Elements/Direct Annotation-calculated view geometry should be available for selection (switched off by default). When this is switched on, all selected elements are copied rather than moved. The Copy switch is switched on and grayed out to indicate this.
Specifies the drawing elements to move, gather, or copy. You can click elements, draw a selection box, or use the Select tool.
Change Owner
Specifies that the selected elements should be transferred or gathered to a new owner. When this option is switched on, the menu expands to display four owner fields: Sheet, Frame, View, and Sketch. Click the button for the type of owner required, and specify the new owner by clicking it, by entering its full path and name in the relevant box, or by selecting from the Drawing Browser.
change owner + keep pos
Click this to complete the owner transfer of the selected elements but freeze their positions. This also acts as a Next button; you can now select new elements to move.
There are four methods to move the selected elements:
Two Pts
Specify two points (by clicking or with coordinates) to define a distance and direction to move the elements.
The elements become attached to the cursor: Specify the destination point for the elements (by clicking or with coordinates). This is the default option.
Enter a horizontal offset in the user input line, or specify two points (by clicking or with coordinates) to define a horizontal distance and direction to move the elements.
Enter a vertical offset in the user input line, or specify two points (by clicking or with coordinates) to define a vertical distance and direction to move the elements.
To copy the selected elements,
Specifies that the selected elements are to be copied. Moving and setting a new owner apply to the copied elements; the original elements are unaffected. Note that Copy is automatically selected (and grayed out) when Calc is switched on.
Specifies the number of copies to make of the selected elements. This option is available whenever Copy is switched on.
Note the following restrictions on Move:
You cannot move hatching without moving all of the hatch border.
Symmetry lines and objects can only be moved by selecting either one or both of their defining elements. If one of the defining elements is moved, the symmetry object is adjusted to remain symmetric.
Center lines are moved only with their defining circular element.
View labels cannot be transferred to a new owner.