Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation tools > Measure tool > Measure an angle between two drawing elements
Measure an angle between two drawing elements
You can measure the angle between two elements on the drawing. The measurable drawing elements can be any of the following: view and added geometry, center and symmetry lines, sketches, and the sheet frame.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation measures angles in the counterclockwise direction. Therefore, by clicking elements in one direction, you get the complement angle to that found by clicking them in the reverse direction. Graphical feedback shows an arc spanning the angle to be measured.
To measure an angle,
1. Click Annotation, Geometry, or Insert and then, in the Utilities group, click the arrow next to .
2. Click Angle. The Measure dialog box opens with the Angle Output box.
3. Click two elements in the viewport defining an angle. Use the graphical feedback arc as a guide.
The angular value is displayed in the Angle Output box.
4. Continue clicking pairs of elements to determine the angle between them, or click (Apply) or Cancel to complete the command.
You can click (Apply) to use the output from Measure as input for an interrupted operation.
For an example of using an angle measurement in another operation, see Example: Rotate a view using Measure.