Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Manipulate drawing elements > Unhide elements
Unhide elements
Hide only temporarily removes elements from the viewport, so you can use Unhide to restore these items at any time.
To unhide elements,
1. Click Annotation, Geometry, or Insert tab and then, in the Utilities group, click the arrow next to .
2. Click Unhide. Creo Elements/Direct Annotation highlights hidden elements in the viewport:
Orange: calculated geometry
Blue: manually added elements
To change the highlight colors,
a. Click File > Settings > Default Settings.. The Default Settings table opens.
b. In the Default Settings table, expand Annotation > Unhide > Highlight Colors.
c. In the Value column, double-click the color you want to change.
d. Select a new color from the Select new color dialog box.
To reset colors to the default values, right-click the color and select Reset user value.
3. Select the type of elements to unhide:
To select only manually added elements: right-click in the viewport, and select Manual from the context menu.
To select only calculated view geometry: right-click in the viewport, and select Calc from the context menu.
By default, Unhide selects both manually added and calculated elements.
4. Select the elements to unhide:
Select by box in the viewport, or
Use the Select tool. To select hidden lines or tangent edges, use Hidd Supp or Tangent in the Select dialog box.
5. Click to complete the operation.