Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Text files
Text files
You can load ASCII text contained in a text file into a drawing. An owner is specified for the loaded text, which is then converted into normal Creo Elements/Direct Annotation text. The text can subsequently be modified (for example, edited and moved) with the commands in the Text menu (Annotation > Annotate).
Click Options in the Load file browser to open the Load Text dialog box, in which you can specify the owner for the loaded text block. If a default text owner has not already specified, the Owner box will open automatically.
When you have specified the text to load, it becomes attached to the cursor in the Creo Elements/Direct Annotation viewport. You can specify the text position either by clicking a point on the screen or by entering coordinates in the user input line. After placing the text once, you can continue specifying multiple positions for the text. Click Cancel in the file browser or the general button to complete the operation.
Note that loaded text adopts the default settings used for normal Creo Elements/Direct Annotation-created text, and these settings can be also be changed later.
Save text files
You can save text that you have created in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. Text is saved in pure ascii format.