Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Configure Creo Elements/Direct Annotation > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation default settings > Set dimensioning defaults > Define thread dimension formats
Define thread dimension formats
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation allows you to customize thread dimension formats, based on existing thread formats.
To define thread dimension fix texts,
1. Click File > Settings > Dimension > Dim Thread Settings. The Default Settings browser (table) opens along with Format of Annotation/Dimension/Specific/Thread table.
2. From the Format of Annotation/Dimension/Specific/Thread table, double-click a format to customize.
3. The Customized Thread Dimension box displays the way the format will be customized.
Click Clear if you want to get rid of the existing definition.
Click Values and select variables to define the format.
Enter any other text to fit your thread dimension style.
4. When finished, click (Apply).