Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify geometry > Auxiliary geometry > Change center line and symmetry line parameters
Change center line and symmetry line parameters
You can change the appearance of existing center lines and symmetry lines.
To change the attributes of existing lines,
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Annotate group, click the arrow next to Properties.
2. Click Auxiliary Geometry. The Modify Aux Geo dialog box opens.
3. Select the center line or symmetry line to modify, define a selection box, or use the Select tool.
4. Change one or more of the settings:
Select a new line type from the Line Type cascade list.
Specify a new color by clicking Color and selecting from the Color Selector dialog box.
Enter a new pen size in the Pen size box.
5. Click to complete the operation.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation redraws the specified auxiliary geometry with the new settings.
You also have two options to specify predefined settings:
You can code>grab the settings of existing lines for use as the selections in the Modify Aux Geo dialog box. Click Grab and then specify the geometry whose settings you want to apply. The fields in the menu are updated to show the selected geometry's settings.
The default settings for center lines or symmetry lines (as specified in the Default Settings table) can also be applied when modifying lines. Click Default to adopt the settings in the Modify Aux Geo dialog box. If the center line settings and symmetry line settings are not identical, then two options are available: You can click either Center Line Style to adopt the center line settings or Symmetry Line Style to adopt the symmetry line settings.