ThingWorx Product Relationship Manager
The ThingWorx Product Relationship Manager captures information about customers, including the list of assets.
With the ThingWorx Product Relationship Manager, you can do the following:
  • View information for each customer: address, location defined in Google Maps, information about the customer assets.
  • Filter the list of customers based on the specified parameter.
  • Create, edit, and delete customers.
  • View customers from Salesforce using the Salesforce plug-in.
  • View cumulative information about all customers such as the total number, locations on the map, the number of recently added customers, or a breakdown by regions.
  • Assign assets to a customer.
  • Trace information about an asset, including its property values and alerts.
Administrative Users
If you are an administrative user, the following actions are available on the utility toolbar.
  • Assign Assets
  • New Customer
  • Edit Customer
  • Delete Customer
For information about permissions and user groups, see Permissions and User Groups for ThingWorx Utilities.