ThingWorx Workflow Manager
The ThingWorx Workflow Manager provides a means to monitor the state of the workflows and identify the completed steps, the active step, and the incomplete steps.
With the ThingWorx Workflow Manager, you can do the following:
  • View executing, canceled, and completed instances of a workflow.
  • Obtain critical metrics and information including the total number of initiated workflows, the total number of active instances, the total number of workflows closed this week, the total number of workflows created this week, and a pie chart showing a summary of all workflow statuses.
  • Obtain a detailed list of all workflows identified by their status, asset, alert, property workflow, date, and active step.
  • Sort the list based on any of the column headers.
  • Create custom filters for any column heading to sort and filter the list.
  • Access the details of an instance to get information such as properties, location defined in Google Maps, audit log for the workflow, and a small version of the workflow diagram that identifies the completed, current, and incomplete steps.
For information about permissions and user groups, see Permissions and User Groups for ThingWorx Utilities.
Purging Workflows
You can remove completed workflow instances from the system using the PurgeBusinessProcesses service on PTC.BPE.BusinessProcessManager. The following table lists the available parameters:
Workflow instances that encountered an error will be considered for purging.
Workflow instances that are Completed will be considered for purging.
Workflow instances that were Canceled will be considered for purging.
Maximum number of records to process.
Workflow Instances last updated before this date will be considered for purging. This field is required.
At least one of the BOOLEAN parameters above must be specified in order for the purge process to run. Once the purge is complete, the service will return the number of instances that were purged.