ThingWorx Alert Manager
The ThingWorx Alert Manager allows you to view, filter, and acknowledge alerts.
Alert Summary Tab
From the Summary tab, you can acknowledge alerts by selecting one or more alerts and then clicking Acknowledge.
Double-click an alert to view the properties and history for that specific alert. The alert details appear in a panel at the bottom of the ThingWorx Alert Manager. Deselect the alert in the list to dismiss the Alert Details panel or select a different alert.
Alert History Tab
The History tab contains a list of all alerts. You can use the filters to search for specific alerts.
Filtering Alerts
Search alerts using the following filters.
  • ack—whether or not the alert has been acknowledged
  • ackBy—the user who acknowledged the alert
  • ackTimestamp—when the alert was acknowledged
  • description—description associated with the alert
  • duration—how long the alert has been active
  • message—message associated with the alert
  • name—name of the alert
  • priority—priority of the alert
  • source—thing from which the alert originated
  • sourceProperty—name of the property on the source thing
  • timestamp—when the alert was fired
For information about permissions and user groups, see Permissions and User Groups for ThingWorx Utilities.
For more information on alerts, see the ThingWorx Help Center.