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Do you have a question about our eLearning Libraries? Talk to a Training Advisor today.

Do you have a question about our eLearning Libraries? Talk to a Training Advisor today. Contact us

eLearning Libraries give you the online training you need, in short, easy-to-absorb modules available around the clock. These libraries contain everything you need to know about PTC products - from getting started to advanced topics. With over 6000 hours of online training courses available at your fingertips, you can easily find the training you need and get back to work -- FAST.

However, at PTC University, we don‘t think eLearning can be effective by just providing content – effective eLearning stands and falls with the way it is managed. Thus, PTC University eLearning stands on four pillars, each one supported by state of the art technology:

  • Learn
    Our comprehensive collection of easy-to-use, self-paced, modular content - covering basic and advanced topics – consists of short, easy to absorb modules that will get you what you need quickly.
  • Manage
    Learning management is key to your learning success. PTC University eLearning is powered by our robust learning management system, Precision LMS which allows you to search content, assign learning tasks, assess users, track usage and generate reports.
  • Work
    PTC University can be accessed various ways – fast & user-friendly. You can access your eLearning libraries either through the Precision LMS web interface or directly from within your PTC software, using the award-winning PTC Learning Connector application.
  • Create
    New editing functionality is available for customers who want to further customize the system to their needs. By configuring and editing existing content, or authoring, importing and storing new content, you can easily customize the learning experience of your entire team.

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