New Names for Servigistics Products

As part of the transition to PTC systems and tools, Servigistics product names have been updated. When filing or updating support Cases, downloading software, or accessing product documentation through PTC systems, please use the new PTC product names indicated in the table below.

New PTC Product Name Original Servigistics Product Name
Servigistics BI Insight Insight
Servigistics BI Insight CLK Insight
Servigistics BI Insight Business Intel
Servigistics Click Extend Heritage Products : License - Extend
Servigistics Click Parts Planning Xelus Parts Planning
Servigistics Click Parts Planning C-Parts
Servigistics Click Parts Planning CLK Plan
Servigistics Click Parts Planning CLK Parts
Servigistics Click Parts Planning CLK Extend
Servigistics CMS SES SES (Smart Enterprise Suite)
Servigistics CMS SES Servigistics SES
Servigistics CMS SES Content Mgmt
Servigistics CMS SES CM-Subscription
Servigistics CMS Webstore WebStore
Servigistics Command Center Field Service
Servigistics Command Center Command Center
Servigistics Field Service Management WFM
Servigistics Field Service Management FS-Subscription
Servigistics Field Service Management FSM
Servigistics Field Service Management Field Service
Servigistics KM Advisor SKM
Servigistics KM Advisor Knowledge Mgmt
Servigistics MCA Parts Planning MCA Parts Planning
Servigistics MCA Parts Planning MCA Solutions
Servigistics MCA Parts Planning MCA
Servigistics Mobility Field Service Mobility
Servigistics Move MOVE
Servigistics Move CLK-MOVE
Servigistics Parts Locator Field Service : License - Parts Locator
Servigistics Parts Planning SPM
Servigistics Parts Planning Parts Mgmt-Subscription
Servigistics Pricing SPP
Servigistics Pricing Pricing
Servigistics Pricing Parts Pricing
Servigistics Pricing Servigistics Pricing
Servigistics Returns and Repair R&R
Servigistics Returns and Repair CLK RR
Servigistics Service Logistics SL
Servigistics Service Logistics Service Logistics
Servigistics Service Network Visibility SNV
Servigistics Voice Voice
Servigistics Webship WebShip
Servigistics WMX WMX
Servigistics WMX Warehouse Express
Servigistics WMX Depot Exec
Servigistics Workforce Planner Project Based Service