MKS Toolkit Technical Support Integration Update

As of September 2015, PTC Support's business systems have been extended to incorporate MKS Toolkit products. This page has been created to help guide MKS Toolkit customers and partners through the entitlements and features of the PTC support system.

Support for MKS Toolkit products will continue to be provided by the same world-class team, per PTC Maintenance Terms and Conditions.

1. Getting Started

    1.1. PTC Support Account

    1.2. Creating and Tracking Support Cases with PTC Online

    1.3. Customer Care Contact Information

2. Downloading Product Software
3. Subscribing to Technical Support Alerts
4. MKS Toolkit FTP Process
5. PTC Nomenclature and Terminology
6. Additional Links

1. Getting Started

1.1. PTC Support Account

To access many of the tools on the PTC Customer Portal, you will need a PTC Support Account. For your convenience, we have created PTC Support Accounts for all active MKS Toolkit customers. Log in on the PTC eSupport Portal using your email address as the username. To change your password or review your PTC support account settings go to the Account Management page. Once logged in, you will have full access to PTC's online support tools
If your account was not migrated you may create a new PTC Support Account here: PTC Online Account creation page. When creating the account, make sure to complete the Customer Information section so that all tools are available to you. In the Customer Information section, you must provide your new PTC Customer Number and Service Contract Number. These can be found in your Customer Transition Letter emailed to you on September 8th 2015.
To see a video showing how to create a PTC Support Account, please click here.

1.2. Creating and Tracking Support Cases with PTC Online

Once you have a PTC Support Account, you may create a new support Case online with PTC to request technical assistance: PTC Case Logger. To view and update existing cases, use the PTC Case Tracker. These tools can be accessed 24x7 from the eSupport Portal.
Please ensure you log all new cases using the PTC tools listed above.
To see a video showing you how to use the Case Logger, please click here.
To see a video showing you how to use the Case Tracker, please click here.

1.3. Customer Care Contact Information

If you experience any difficulties accessing the online support tools, please contact Customer Care using the PTC Customer Care Case Logger or call the toll-free telephone number listed below.
Region Phone number
North America 877–275–4782
Europe 00–800–78–24–43–57
India +86 21 61060421
Asia Pacific & Rim +86 21 61060421
Note: To get technical support assistance for new or existing cases, you will still need to use the PTC Case Logger tool.

2. Downloading Product Software

MKS Toolkit customers may download product releases and updates using the PTC Software Download Tool.

3. Subscribing to Technical Support Alerts

Use the Technical Support subscription tool to receive email alerts for reference documentation, software updates, and Cases. To set up alerts, go to Subscribe to TS Alerts located on the PTC Support Portal. Click on the Help tab for detailed instructions on the use of this tool.

4. MKS Toolkit FTP Process

With the transition, there is change to the FTP process. Moving forward, please use the PTC Technical Support FTP process to share files with PTC.

5. PTC Nomenclature and Terminology

PTC has an online Glossary that can help with many of the new terms customers will need to know when working with PTC. Below are explanations of a few PTC terms as they relate specifically to MKS Toolkit customers.


A Case is a single technical issue reported to PTC Technical Support. A Case may be reported to PTC Technical Support online via the PTC Case Logger.


Release is the major version of a PTC software product. Releases are versions where significant enhancements have been made to the software product in order to provide value to maintenance paying customers. New Releases are only available to customers with active maintenance contracts.


The Datecode is a release identifier.

Technical Area

A Technical Area is a subcategory for the product referenced in the Case. In addition to modules of a specific product, this may also refer to a more specific area of functionality or a designation for a common type of customer issue.

Examples of Product, Release and Datecode Designations

Below are examples of Product, Release and Datecode Designations that could be used when filing support Cases with PTC Technical Support for MKS Toolkit products.
Product Release Datecode Technical Area
MKS Toolkit for Developers 9.6 Patch 2 Activation
MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 9.5 N/A SDK/Compiler Support
X/Server 8.7 Patch 1 Configuration

Service Contract Number (SCN)

The Service Contract Number, or SCN, is a unique identifier to track your purchased maintenance for a PTC product or group of products. A valid SCN is required for all Technical Support services, including opening a Case, browsing the Knowledge Base, and downloading software updates.
If you require assistance determining the SCN to use when contacting PTC, contact PTC Customer Care using the Customer Care Case Logger or by phone via the Customer Care Contact Information above.

6. Additional Links

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PTC Customer Service Guide
For complete information about PTC Technical Support, Customer Care, License Management, Maintenance Support, Training, and the PTC Customer Portal, please see the PTC Customer Service Guide
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