License Agreements and Resources

Current and Former “Clickwrap” Software License Agreements

Below are links to the software license agreements that you will be required to accept in order to install the applicable products and/or receive license codes. Unless the PTC quote specifies a different license agreement as the governing document, these agreements will govern your rights with respect to the applicable PTC products. Also included are the prior versions of our clickwrap license agreements for your reference purposes. The version of the license agreement you received is based on when the product was shipped to you or when you downloaded the product.

Please note that Parametric Technology Corporation has changed its legal name to PTC Inc. effective January 28, 2013. All references to Parametric Technology Corporation in the software, including within the license agreement, are deemed to be to PTC Inc. and all contracts, agreements and notices with and from Parametric Technology Corporation are deemed to be with and from PTC Inc.