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Stay With Current

The PTC Product Idea Submission Process
(formerly the Enhancement Request Process)


Submitting, Voting or Commenting on a Product Idea
Select this link to enter PTC Community to submit , vote or comment on a Product Idea.

Tracking Legacy Enhancement Requests
Select this link to view the status of enhancement requests that were submitted before April 03, 2012. All new requests after April 03, 2012 should be submitted through PTC Community.


In 2011, PTC recognized that the process that was in place for handling enhancement requests should be re-evaluated for customer satisfaction. The conclusion of the investigation was that the current tool was not allowing Product Management to easily view or communicate with customers regarding their requests and that a new tool and or process should be put in place.

Product Idea Submission Process

PTC wants to hear what you have to say because your ideas are important to us. We’ve added the ability to create, vote and comment on “Product Ideas” in PTC Community. Here you can share your Product Ideas publically and vote for other Product Ideas that you think will be valuable. Rally your fellow PTC Community members to vote and push your Product Ideas to the top. On a regular basis, PTC will review the top Product Ideas in each product area and will provide feedback regarding those Product ideas. The image below shows the nature of this process.

Basic Guidelines

Make your votes count. By only voting for those Product Ideas that you really agree or disagree with this will help the most important topics stand out. If you vote for too many Product Ideas, this essentially “dilutes” your voting power and could be comparable to not voting for anything at all.
Keep the content relevant and civil. We’re all here to share Product Ideas and provide useful feedback to PTC. Content which is not relevant or appropriate will be deleted. Repeat offenders risk having their account deactivated.

Fine Print

PTC cannot guarantee that the top voted Product Ideas will be added to PTC’s product roadmap, as we must balance your input with PTCs strategic initiatives. We will guarantee that we will provide a response and status to the top Product Ideas on a regular basis.
If your Product Idea is implemented, we own it. You’ll be compensated with the fact that you thought of it first. :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the PTC Product Ideas Submission Process system?

Any person who has an active PTC maintenance contract will be able to add their own Product Ideas, vote or comment on existing Product Ideas within PTC Community.

If you need to upgrade your account to be on active maintenance go here

Where are Product Ideas for new functionality submitted?

Once you enter PTC Community, click on Browse and locate the product that pertains to your idea. Under that product you will find an “Ideas” section where you can add, view, comment and vote on Product Ideas.

Can Product Ideas be submitted in any language other than English?

PTC Community only supports information in English at this time. Additional languages may be considered in the future.