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Product quality management through the product lifecycle

PTC Windchill Quality Solutions combines product quality, reliability, and risk management capabilities into a single, integrated toolset. With one platform hosting a number of critical, quality-related analyses that take place across the product development lifecycle, PTC Windchill Quality Solutions uniquely offers the ability to share quality information both natively throughout the suite and connected with PTC Windchill engineering or manufacturing Bill of Materials. Download a free trial version of Windchill Quality Solutions today.

Windchill Quality Solutions Products

Windchill CAPA
Windchill Nonconformance
Windchill Customer Experience Management

Windchill Quality Solutions for Risk and Reliability

Windchill FRACAS
Windchill FMEA
Windchill MSG-3
Windchill FTA
Windchill Prediction
Windchill RBD
Windchill Maintainability
Windchill LCC
Windchill Weibull
Windchill ALT
Windchill Markov

Features & Benefits

  • Analyze product risk and reliability, optimize system performance, and minimize costs with early quality analysis and planning that shares critical data from one methodology to the next in a fully integrated software suite
  • Meet the need for regulatory compliance with global reliability, risk management, performance tracking, and process quality standards throughout a wide range of industries.
  • Uniquely perform upfront quality planning, risk management, system analysis, and reliability prediction in the same system where downstream quality feedback is collected and analyzed – facilitating both the communication of quality plans to the field and lessons learned back to early-stage design.
  • Provide enterprise-wide visibility into quality analysis, planning, and feedback metrics across the lifecycle – from early planning and design through to late-stage product performance and service data.
  • Optionally integrate with the PLM Bill of Materials to uniquely synchronize product development and quality activities, including critical-to-quality characteristics identified in the CAD model, change flow-down from product design to quality analysis, and change management initiated from any of the PTC Windchill Quality Solutions modules