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Reusing Existing Translated Documents
The Reuse Existing Translation action allows you to link the latest iterated source of a dynamic document to the latest translated dynamic document in the current revision. This is useful when a change has been made to the source document that does not invalidate the translation. For example, an attribute value that will not be translated is modified.
Follow these steps to reuse an existing translated dynamic document:
1. Select a product and navigate to the Publication Structures or Information Structures or select a dynamic document on the Folders page.
2. Click an iterated source document in a current revision from the Translation Content table.
Only one source document can be linked to the latest available translations at once.
3. Click Actions > Reuse Existing Translation.
The Reuse Existing Translation dialog box displays a Translations Table which consists of the following columns:
Target Language — lists the target languages of the latest translated documents.
Translation— lists the name of the document, target language and the translation version of the latest translated documents.
4. Select a checkbox to link the source document to a translation. You can link the source document to one or all the available translations.
You cannot link a source document to a translated document that is canceled.
5. After you have made a choice click OK.
You can view the latest translated documents of your iterated source document in the Translation Content table.
For example, a dynamic source document with source version A.1 and translation version A.2 is available in Arabic and Bulgarian language. The source document is iterated from source version A.1 to A.2 and with a change that does not require a new translation. In this case, the Translations Table, displays the latest translations for the source document A.1. You can link the source version A.2 to one or both the translated documents using the Reuse Existing Translation action.
The Translations Table is populated based on the availability of an iterated source document that is yet to be linked to the latest translated documents.