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Validating File Contents of Translated Packages
Before a translated ZIP is imported to Windchill, the file contents are validated to check whether the content is well formed. If the files contain malformed content, the import process of the translation package is failed with an error. A file content is said to be malformed when the opening or closing tag for an element is missing or when the elements are improperly nested. This validation is controlled by the com.ptc.tml.preparation.validateIncomingContent property. You can configure this property in the file using the xconfmanager utility. This property is set to true by default to allow content validation of all the XLIFF and XML files in a translation ZIP. If the property is set to false, the import process will not run any check and will allow the import of incorrect or malformed files.
The contents of file header, DTD, or XML schema is not considered during content validation.
Error Notification
The error details are notified through an error.log file in the import folder. The log file provides a list of files that failed the validation, and the reasons for failure. Using the information provided in the error log file, you can modify the files to fix the malformed content. Additionally, the translation ZIP which failed to import due to the validation, is retained in the External Import Folder but renamed in the format translation_package.importing to enable easy identification. Once the errors are fixed, you must rename the translation package in the .zip format to enable the re-import of the translation package.