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Cancel Translation Package
Cancel Translation Package allows you to cancel a translation already in progress. When you cancel a translation package, the translation objects and the Baseline for the translation package are set to the value of the Pending State. Cancelling a translation package that has any imported content will fail. The Cancel Translation Package option is not available for a translation package that was created from an information group or a publication section. Cancelling the translation package created for an information group or publication section is allowed only at the root of a publication structure or information structure.
The user who created the translation package or an administrator are the only users allowed to cancel the translation.
1. To cancel a translation package, start from one of the following:
From the publication structure or the information structure information page, display the Actions menu. Choose Cancel Translation Package.
From the Translation Dashboard, find the target row for the language you wish to cancel and display the context menu. For more information, refer to Translation Dashboard Table.
The identification number of a service structure or dynamic document may contain the (_) underscore character. When you cancel a translation package which contain objects with such identification numbers, the Source Object column of the Translation Table in the Cancel Translation Package window displays blank.
From the dynamic document information page, display the Actions menu. Choose Cancel Translation Package.
2. In the Cancel Translation Package window, Select Target Languages is displayed. From the list, choose the Target Languages for each target language you wish to cancel. Then click Next.
The list displays all target languages; if you choose one that isn’t out for translation, your selection will be ignored.
3. Select Package IDs displays a Translation Table that lists the translation packages available for cancellation based on the previous selections.
4. Check the boxes for your cancellations, and click Finish to cancel the translations.
If there is a pivot language translation in progress that you are permitted to cancel, then the target language does not appear as a choice to be canceled. Canceling a pivot language also cancels any target translations that are waiting for the pivot to be translated. If you choose a pivot language that has outstanding dependent target translations, you will be asked to confirm the cancellation.
After you click Finish, a banner displays a confirmation message that the translation package has been cancelled successfully. An email notification about the success or failure of the cancel action is sent to the administrator or the user who initiated the cancel process.
The Translation Table list will include all translation packages that contain an information element from this service structure.
For information on translation packages, see Creating a Translation Package. For a description of the configuration process see Translation Configuration Process. See Translation Preferences for further information about language preferences.