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Create Translation Package
Create Translation Package allows you to select the options for your translation package.
Refer to Creating a Translation Package for more information. For a description of the configuration process see Translation Configuration Process.
The available options are:
Target Vendor
Each supported vendor is available in the option selection. The target vendor receives the exported translation package.
Package Type
The Translation option creates a translation package for a vendor containing the structure’s content, both XLIFFs and dynamic documents, for translation.
The Quote option creates a translation package for a vendor to provide a quote for translation work.
Quote packages are generated only for direct target languages and for pivot languages. No quotation package is generated for a target language if it is configured to use an intermediary pivot language. The pivot language translation package is generated instead.
Package Content
Select the Content already approved option if you want to create a translation package immediately from the service structure’s content, provided the content has been approved for translation and set to the Preparation State value.
Select the Wait for all content to be approved option if some of the service structure’s content has not yet been approved and you prefer to allow the translation process to collect the content as it’s approved. After all the content is approved and set to the Preparation State value, the translation package will be created.
In either case, the content objects are baselined before the translation package is created.
Source Languages
Source languages are the original languages to be translated. The languages are pre-populated from the Source Languages preference configuration and no additional selections are available.
Available Target Languages
Selected Target Languages
The Available Target Languages list is the set of available languages configured as target languages for the source languages listed. Select the target languages for translation from this list and add them to the Selected Target Languages list.
If the target language has a pivot language configured, that pivot language is noted next to it in parentheses. Both the pivot and the target translation packages are automatically created. However, pivot language translations must still be approved before they can be sent out for the final target translation. See Managing Translation Objects for information.
A pivot language can appear in the Available Target Languages list as a target language if it has been specified as such in Language Pairs configuration. In the event you choose a pivot language as a target language, you need to generate the final target translation package.
Choose at least one.
When you create a translation package, the languages, folders, and library locations you chose are validated. These choices are determined by the translation preferences. In the case of language selections, the translation preference values must match a global enumeration. If a selection is invalid, the Create Translation Package window displays the associated error. See your translation administrator for assistance.