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Security Labels on Documents
Including Security Labels in Translation Packages
Security labels that are set on source documents will persist on the translation documents when they are placed in a translation package. The log file that is included in the translation ZIP displays each security label attribute and its value for each document. When the translated content is returned and checked in, the security label value is preserved on the object in Windchill.
In the following excerpt from a translation log file, security labels are included:
Name: Top Secret Procedure_es
Translation Number: 0000054333
Source Number: 0000011223
Type: Publication Source
Security Labels:   PTC: Secret, DRDO: Classified
If the user creating a translation package does not have the proper clearance for a document, then that object is not included in the ZIP and, subsequently, no entry is listed in the log file.
For information on translation logging, refer to Translation and Quotation Logs and Manifests.