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Notes and Limitations
In this release, be aware of the following:
For compound dynamic documents, all child objects, such as documents or graphics, must have the Translate Attribute set to Yes and be in the Preparation State to be included in a translation package.
For example, if a chapter contains a child dynamic document that is not in a Preparation State, the entire chapter is excluded from the translation package.
However, if the Translate Attribute is set to No on a child document, only the individual document is excluded.
If an information structure includes a parts list, translation management will create an XLIFF for the parts list when you run Generate Translation Document for the information structure. Translatable strings from the parts list are included in an XLIFF.
You can publish a publication structure or information structure in a target language by choosing the Language in the Representation dialog box. The Language choices are derived from the target languages specified in the Language Pairs preference. If you select a publishing rule that specifies the Language SIS Worker parameter for the target language, the Language value from the dialog box will override it.
Translated dynamic documents can be published individually using publishing rules if the request originates from the target language dynamic document.
In this release, be aware of the following limitations:
SGML and XML entities are not supported.
Translation roles, defined in the Translation Coordinator Roles preference, must be specified in upper case (such as PRODUCT MANAGER).
You can apply a baseline filter before creating translation packages. However, the following limitations apply:
In the Edit Filter dialog box, only Latest and Baseline configuration specification types are supported. Only the first Latest or Baseline specification in the To Be Applied list is used; all other filters, including options and service effectivity, are ignored.
When you choose Add to Baseline, you must also choose Collect Related Objects from the toolbar in the Add to Baseline dialog box.
Graphics are processed for translation when they are referenced by the href and conref attributes only. For example, <image href="../icons/view033.jpg"></image>.
Graphics that use other attributes like fileRef are not supported. For example, <graphic fileref="../icons/view033.cgm" productname=”BABA2” type=”CGM-Binary”/>.