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Publishing a Service Product Hierarchy
A service product hierarchy is published separately from a service structure.
Product hierarchy is a custom model type, and publishing is enabled as part of the customization.
A publishing rule also needs to be set up for users to choose when they create a New Representation from the product hierarchy.
Metadata attributes can be configured for publishing in the publishable_attset.xml. For more information, see Defining Attribute Sets.
The publishing bundle for a service structure contains the relatedContexts.xml file, which defines the relationship between the service structure and the service product hierarchy. The file contains the following attributes:
the subtype of the target product hierarchy node
the URI of the source service structure root in the payload
the URI of the product hierarchy or product hierarchy node that is the service effectivity context for the source service structure.
Publishing supports XML bundle publishing and XSL publishing output from a service product hierarchy.
Only graphics conversions and URI references are processed during publishing.