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Managing Notifications to Modify Service Data Based on Part Updates
A user needs a way to analyze change impact on related service data for any update to parts associated with an entire service structure.
Manage Notifications action allow users, groups and organizations to receive email notifications when subscribed events occur on parts that are associated with a service structure. This action is available on the right-click action menu of service structure root. You can subscribe to events before associating any part with a service structure. Once you have associated one or more parts with a service structure, the subscribed events hold true for the associated parts. You can subscribe to events after associating parts with a service structure.
You can subscribe to the following events:
Check Out/Check In
Life Cycle State
Only the subscription owner or an administrator can edit a subscription.
In the Manage Notifications window, perform the following actions to subscribe to an event:
1. Select the root of a service structure and click Manage Notifications. The Manage Notifications window opens.
2. Under the Identify Events step, complete the following fields:
Subscription Name
The name used to identify the subscription. By default, the name is set to the name of the selected service structure.
If you are editing a subscription to a service structure, this field identifies the type of service structure.
Select the checkboxes for each event to which you want to subscribe.
3. Click Next.
4. Under the Select Subscribers step, complete the following fields:
Distinguishes the address line on which the subscriber is listed when receiving email notifications for this subscription. To add a participant:
a. Next to the appropriate field, click Find to open the Find Participant window.
b. Use the search fields to locate the users, groups, and organizations you want to receive notifications. For more information, see Finding Participants.
c. From the Search Results field, select the subscribers you want and click Add to add them to the Participant List field.
d. Click OK to add participants and close the window, or click Apply to add participants and continue searching for more.
5. Click Finish.
You can view your subscription in the parts information page.
Subscribers do not receive an email notifying them that they have been included in a subscription.
Subscribers only receive notifications for objects to which they have access.
If a part associated with multiple service structure is updated, a subscriber will receive multiple email notifications for multiple service structures. If different parts associated with a single service structure are updated, a subscriber will still receive multiple email notifications for each part in a service structure.
To unsubscribe from an event, remove an email address from the To, Bcc or Cc field under the Select Subscribers step.