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Delivery Content Report
The Delivery Content Report provides the means to compare the information in Windchill with the information published to a particular Servigistics InService server. The report displays information about the relationship between the service structure information elements and the same information elements in Servigistics InService. The report has actions for displaying and exporting this information.
The Delivery Content Report is only active if the preference for the Servigistics InService server location is set to a valid URL.
The report displays the name of the object for which the report is being generated, the product for which the report is being generated, the name of the user requesting the report, the time at which the report was generated, and any filters that were applied. You can also choose the view of the information elements for the report.
The table displays the Name, Number, Organization ID, State, and Source Version for each information element in Windchill. Delivery Version is the version of the object in Servigistics InService. If an information element exists in Windchill, but it is not found in Servigistics InService, it is reported as a Difference.
On the Actions menu, you can choose to:
Show all items to display all the objects for the view
Show only differences to display only the differences detected by the report
Export List to File to choose one of the supported output formats when exporting the report
Synchronization with Servigistics InService
The Servigistics InService server associated with the context must be configured in the InService server URL preference, located in the Service Information Management section of Preference Management. The URL format is:
Provide the server name and domain, the configured port, and then InService.