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Setting Up an Information Structure
If you have an existing product context in Windchill, you can add the Windchill Service Information Manager features to it. The capability is enabled when you add Windchill Service Information Manager roles to the product. After configuring these roles for the product, the default information structure folder is enabled. You can then create one or more information structures for your product. By default, the initial information structure becomes the primary information structure.
The default sort order for the information structure tree is by line number. The sorting method can be either by line number or by name. The sortISByLineNumber property can be configured at the site level in using the xconfmanager utility. This property is set to true by default to sort by line number. Setting the property to false sorts by name. For more information on how to use line numbering, see Rearranging Service Structure Objects.
If you use the Service Information Manager General Product template, the initial information structure has the same name as the product by default.
For information on creating an information structure, refer to Creating a Service Structure.