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Applicability for Parts List Illustrations
You configure applicability based on options and choices and service effectivity for a parts list illustration. Settings apply to the use of the illustration within a specific parts list.
To assign applicability to an illustration:
1. With a parts list open in Windchill Service Parts, select the illustration in the parts list structure tree.
2. From the context menu, select Manage Applicability.
The Manage Applicability window opens.
3. The Manage Applicability window opens, displaying two panes:
Expressions — displays Assigned Usage Expressions (options for illustration in this context)
Service Effectivity — displays a list of service effectivity definitions associated with the illustration
See Manage Applicability for information.
4. To configure options for the illustration, click the Assign Usage Expression icon next to the Assigned Usage Expressions table in the Expressions field. This launches an options selection window, in which you can assign choices to the required illustration usage.
See Options and Choices for information on options and choices.
See Creating Options for steps to assign options to a context.
5. To manage the service effectivity definitions for the illustration usage, click one of the buttons in the Service Effectivity field:
Add and Edit — launches the Service Effectivity window, in which you can create a new service effectivity definition, or edit an existing one
Remove — deletes an existing definition
Select or enter the required information in the fields in the window.
The service effectivity you have defined is summarized in the Summary field.
Click OK to add a new service effectivity object, or save changes to an existing one, and exit the window.
Click Apply to add a new object and remain in the Service Effectivity window.
See Manage Applicability for information on the service effectivity values available in a default installation.
You can create definitions based on custom service effectivity information. See Customizing Service Effectivity for information.
The service effectivity definition is listed in the Service Effectivity field of the Manage Applicability window.
6. Click Close to exit the Manage Applicability window.