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Using Hotspotted Graphics
To add references in the data module to graphic hotspots:
1. Enter an internalRef element in the required position in the data module.
The cursor must be in a position in your document where you can legally enter an internalRef element.
2. Select Edit > Modify Attributes.
The Modify Attributes dialog box is displayed.
3. Select hotspot (or irtt11 for S1000D Issue 4.1 or later) from the internalReftargetType pull-down list.
The Hotspot button is enabled.
4. Click Hotspot.
The Update Graphic Object Links dialog box is displayed. All the hotspots in the graphic are listed.
Select ID if you would like to see the hotspots listed by a unique identifier.
Select Name if you would like to see the hotspots listed by name.
As you select items in the list, the hotspot is highlighted in the graphic.
5. To reference to a particular hotspot, select the appropriate hotspot in the right-hand list.
6. Click OK.
The Update Graphic Object Links dialog box is closed, and the internalRef element is updated with the required attributes. For example:
<internalRef internalRefId="ICN-MP-A-000000-A-KA296-00002-A-001-01-AUTOID_4434134"
The internalRef element is now linked to the selected graphic hotspot.