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Release a Data Module for Verification
To release a data module for verification:
1. Select the appropriate data module in the Information Element List.
2. Select the Author > Release for Verification context menu item.
The Task dialog box is displayed, showing details of the data module task.
Task information is displayed in the Brex Validation, Schema Validation, and Entity Validation fields.
If there are any validation errors, Complete Task is disabled. The validation errors must be corrected before the data module can be progressed any further.
The error validation behavior is controlled by the Allow Saving with Invalid Brex and Allow Saving with Invalid Schema options that are set during the product creation process.
For more information, see the Standard Validation and S1000D Validation sections in the New Product Dialog Box.
The task can be completed if BREX validation generates only information messages.
For more information, see Validate Data Module Against the BREX.
3. Click Complete Task.
A confirmation message is displayed and the data module is moved to the workflow status of Verification Required.