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Notations provides the set of allowable values. The S1000D specification provides a standard list of values and allows for project specific values.
To add a new notation to a look-up library:
1. In the Navigator pane, click the Recent Libraries button, and then View All.
The Libraries window is displayed.
2. Click the appropriate S1000D Look-Up Library library.
The folder view of the look-up library is displayed.
3. Open the Notations folder.
4. Select Notations.
The Notations object is displayed.
5. Click the Structures tab.
6. Select the Notations root node, and then select Insert > Insert New from the context menu.
The New Part dialog box is displayed. Note that Type is Notation.
7. Add the notation name and description, and specify whether it is a graphic notation
8. Click Finish.
9. The new notation is added under the Notations structure root node.