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Amend Library Contents
The steps detailed here describe how to make changes to look-up codes in existing products. If you would like to make changes to the library to be available to new S1000D products, make the changes described below at the library level.
To amend the contents of the S1000D library:
1. In the Navigator, select the appropriate product and then the Folders item.
The Folders view is displayed.
2. Open the Look-up Library Objects folder.
The component libraries are displayed in the Folder Contents pane.
3. Click the library that you want to edit.
When the library opens, navigate to the Structure tab. The tab presents the library’s component meta objects.
You can edit existing meta objects by selecting the object and then selecting Edit > Edit Part from the context menu.
You can add new meta objects by selecting the top-level node and then selecting Insert > Insert New from the context menu.
Add all required information, including the fields in the Meta Data group, to complete the new object’s definition.
You can delete existing meta objects by selecting the object and then selecting the Remove shortcut menu item.