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Insert Illustrations
To insert an illustration (ICN) into the XML content of a data module:
1. Open the required data module in Arbortext Editor.
2. At the required position in the current data module, press Return.
The element list is displayed.
3. Select figure.
The Browse Graphic Entities dialog box is displayed.
4. Select the appropriate search criteria and click Search.
If you are inserting an ICN into a data module for an S1000D 4.2 product, you can use the Keyword criterion to search for a keyword for the ICN. ICN keywords are defined in the icnKeyword attributes in the ICN Metadata File (IMF) associated with the ICN.
The graphic entities (ICNs) that have been found are listed.
5. Select the graphic entity (ICN) that you want to insert.
6. Click OK.
The Browse Graphic Entities dialog box is closed, and the Modify Attributes dialog box is displayed.
7. Click OK.
The graphic entity (ICN) is inserted into the current data module.
If the product option Populate figure/multimedia title from ICN Metadata is set to Yes, the title of the IMF linked to the ICN is added as the title of the figure (S1000D 4.2 products only).