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Edit Document Dialog Box
The Edit Document dialog box allows you to change attributes of a data module.
The Edit Document dialog box is displayed when you right-lick on a selected data module in the Information Element List, and then select Author > Edit Attributes.
You cannot assign an illustrated parts data module to a parts list that is already associated with an illustrated parts data module with different System, Sub-system, Assembly, Disassembly Code and Disassembly Code Variant settings.
An error message is displayed if you attempt to do this.
You can enter details in the following fields:
Displays the type of data module.
S1000D Help
Displays this help topic when clicked.
Select the appropriate language from the pull-down list.
Select the appropriate country from the pull-down list.
Information Code Name
Enter the information code name for the data module.
Technical Name
Enter the technical name for the data module.
Associate Part List section
Associated Part List
Enter the parts list that you want to associate with the IPD data module.
Find — Displays the Find Part List dialog box. This allows you to search for the required parts list. When you have selected the required parts list, click OK. The selected parts list is associated with the IPD data module.
Clear — Clears the contents of the Associated Part List box.
This section is only displayed for an IPD data module.
Check In
Saves the changes and closes the dialog box.
Cancels the current operation and closes the dialog box.