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Tasks Dialog Box
Displays a list of all data module tasks allocated to the current user.
This dialog box is displayed by selecting S1000D > Tasks from the Arbortext Editor menu.
Create a filter by selecting one or more filter elements according to your search requirements.
Each element can be filtered by first selecting the operator from the pull-down list and then entering a string in the element’s text box. For example:
"State" "Equals" "WIP"
Clears the currently selected filters and resets them to blank.
Click Search to display all tasks that match the search criteria.
Workflow Tasks
Displays all tasks that match the filters that you selected from the Filters pull-down lists.
Task Details
Displays additional details for the selected task.
Complete Task
Performs the following actions:
Saves all changes made to the data module in the current Arbortext Editor session.
Checks in the data module.
Progresses the data module to the next workflow stage.
Opens the selected data module in read-only view mode in the current Arbortext Editorsession.
Opens the selected data module task in the current Arbortext Editor session.
The data module is checked out if appropriate.
Closes the Tasks dialog box.
Displays this help topic.
For more information, see View Allocated Tasks.