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Graphic Entities Dialog Box
The Graphic Entities dialog box lists all the graphical entities used, or referenced, in the data module.
The Graphic Entities dialog box is displayed when you select Entities > Graphic... from the Arbortext Editor menu.
Display Type
Filters the graphics list depending on the graphic type selected:
All. Displays all graphics.
Graphics. Displays all graphics. except multimedia files.
Multimedia. Displays all multimedia graphics.
Graphics List
Displays all the graphics that are used or referenced in the data module.
Adds a new graphic association to the data module.
Displays the Browse Graphic Entities dialog box to select the graphic. The selected graphic is displayed in the graphics list.
Removes the graphic from association with the data module.
Disabled if the graphic is being used in the current data module.
Inserts the selected graphic at the current insertion point in the data module.
This is only enabled if the cursor is inside a <figure> element at a valid point at which a <graphic> element can be inserted.
Searches the current data module for the graphic that you have selected. The graphic is highlighted.
Count Uses
Counts the number of times the displayed graphics are used in the current data module.
The results are displayed in the Count column in the graphics list.
Hide Preview/Preview
Hides or displays the graphic preview pane.
Cancels the current operation and closes the dialog box.
Displays this help topic.