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Attachments (ICN)
You can use the Attachments tab to associate files and additional information to your ICN object.
This dialog box is displayed by selecting S1000D > Create ICN.
File List
Displays the attachments that have been associated with the ICN object.
Add Attachment
Opens a filesystem picker in which you can browse for and select the required files.
The default file size limit for an attachment is 20 Mb. The limit is defined by the value of the preference Arbortext > S1000DEditor Item Control Number attachment size limit (mb) preference.
Remove Attachment
Removes any attachments highlighted in the list.
Use CTRL to select multiple items.
Attachments are saved with the ICN object and can be accessed from the Attachments table in the Information Page for the ICN in Windchill.
You may need to add a custom tab to display General > Attachments.