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Browse Brex Dialog Box
The Browse Brex dialog box allows you to search for BREX data modules on the system. You can set filter criteria to restrict the results list to just those BREX data modules in which you are interested.
The Browse Brex dialog box is displayed when you:
1. Select a BREX data module’s dmCode element
2. Select Edit > Modify Attributes... from the Arbortext Editor menu (or press Ctrl + D)
3. Click Browse.
Filter Criteria
You can filter the BREX data module search by a combination of filters for each of the data module code component parts.
For each component part you can filter by:
selecting the type of filter (for example, Equals, Contains, and so on)
entering a value in the corresponding text box.
When you have built up your full filter, click Search.
Clear resets all criteria to blank.
Use Issue Information
If checked, includes the issueInfo element with inWork and issueNumber attribute values, in the included data module reference.
Selects the BREX data module and changes the dmCode element attributes to reflect the new BREX data module.
Cancels the current operation and closes the dialog box.
Displays this help topic.