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Troubleshoot a Publishing Process
You can specify that a publishing process outputs information that will help you troubleshoot issues in the process. You can generate information from the Windchill environment and details of the current Arbortext Publishing Engine (PE) configuration.
Logging of this type can support PDF and Servigistics InService A&D publishing actions.
Information from the Windchill environment
Additional information about these areas of the Windchill environment is made available to help troubleshoot when you set up a debug option
Name and Version of objects being published
Publication module
Data module
ACT/CCT/PCT data modules
CIR TIR data modules
Front Matter
SOLR index configuration
To enable this logging, set Windchill log4j logging in the file <Windchill-path>\codebase\WEB-INF\ to DEBUG for these classes:
Remove these entries once the debugging has been completed as they can impact performance.
For more information, see Managing Windchill Logging.
Details of the PE configuration
Additional information about the configuration of your PE installation can be output when you set a worker configuration parameter:
S1000D application configuration name
Current publishing rules
Version / Date / Number of data modules and images successfully packaged in a Servigistics InService A&D bundle
The log also reports errors if content contains references to graphics not included in the Servigistics InService A&D bundle.
To enable this logging, set WVS logging to info with this Service Worker configuration:
<worker name="">info</worker>
Information is output in the PE Composer log.
For more information, see Service Worker Parameters.