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Troubleshoot a Content Import
You can specify that a content import process outputs additional information that will help you troubleshoot if you encounter an issue with an import. You can generate information about each piece of content and each content holder that is imported.
Review of the troubleshooting information can help identify issues such as orphaned objects, missing relationships between objects, and state or lifecycle issues.
Information About Content Items Generated During Import
Additional information about each content item in an import package is made available when you set up a debug option:
Name, Number, and Version
Current Lifecycle State
BREX data module referenced by the item
Information about the content holder of each content item is also provided:
Name, Number, and Version
Whether the content holder already exists or has been created by the import
To enable this logging, set Windchill log4j logging in the file <Windchill-path>\codebase\WEB-INF\ to DEBUG for this class:
The information is output in the Import Validation report.
For more information, see Managing Windchill Logging.
List of Content Items Generated During Import
When debugging is set up as detailed above, information is provided to predict the objects (documents and content holders) that should be created based on the content of the import package.
The information is output to the method server during the content transformation phase of a content import. The entries are prefixed S1000D Import IXB.
The administrator can check these entries against the method server log to confirm that the listed objects were created after the content import.