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Troubleshoot a BREX Validation Action
You can specify that a BREX validation action outputs information that will help you troubleshoot issues with BREX conformance. You can generate information that advises when a data module (DM) does not comply with BREX rules.
Information Generated for BREX Validation
Additional information about the content DM being validated is made available to help troubleshoot when you set up a debug option
Name and Version of its referenced BREX DM
The site or context (product) business rule against which the content DM is non-compliant
Details of non-compliance
To enable this logging, set Windchill log4j logging in the file <Windchill-path>\codebase\WEB-INF\ to DEBUG for this class:
This debug information is output to the method server log, as well as to the BREX Validation report in Arbortext Editor.
For more information, see Managing Windchill Logging.