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Create Change Request
To create a new change request:
1. For the required product, select Folders in the Navigation pane.
The Folders view is displayed.
2. Select Change Objects from the Folder Contents pull-down list.
3. Click New change request (New change request).
The New Change Request dialog box is displayed.
4. Select S1000D Change Request from the Type pull-down list.
5. Enter a name for the change request in the Name field.
The name entered here is used as the Reason For Update (RFU) text in the associated data modules.
6. Enter any other optional information that describes the change request.
7. Click Next until the Affected Objects page is in view.
8. To add data modules to the change request, click Add affected objects (Add affected objects).
The Find Affected Objects dialog box is displayed.
You can restrict the result list to particular document types (for example, Dynamic Documents) by selecting the type from the Affected Objects pull-down list.
9. To find specific data modules to add to the change request, enter the appropriate search criteria and click Search. The matching data modules are displayed in the Search Results list.
You can restrict the resulting list by entering wildcards (* for multiple characters, and ? for single characters) and partial data module names. For example:
*BIKE* in the Context field for the particular products.
*520A* in the Name field to identify a particular data module type.
10. Check the box next to the required data modules and click OK.
The selected data modules are added to the Affected Objects list on the New Change Request dialog box.
11. Click Finish.
The change request is created.
You can check that the change request has been created by selecting Change Objects from the Folder Contents pull-down list on the Folders view. The change request that you have created are displayed in the list.