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Change Users for Data Modules
After users and roles have been allocated to a data module or ICN, the Management > Allocate Author, Management > Allocate Illustrator, and Management > Allocate Reviewer context menu items are disabled for that item.
To change the users and roles that have access to an item:
1. Select the appropriate data module in the Information Element List.
2. Select the View Information context menu item.
The Details tab is displayed.
3. Click the New Tab icon.
A new tab is displayed.
4. If required, rename the tab by selecting the Rename Tab context menu item.
5. Select Customize > Collaboration > Members.
The Members section is displayed.
6. Amend the users for the data module as required.
For more information, see Members Table.
Re-assigning Tasks
If required, the task can be transferred to another user.
For more information, see Reassigning a Task.
Delegation of Work
If the allocated participant is not available, the task can be delegated to another.
For more information, see Delegate Work.