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Allocate Users to Data Modules
To set up the users and roles that have access to a data module:
1. Select the required node in the information structure.
2. Select the required data module in the Information Element List tab.
3. Select the Management > Allocate Author context menu item.
The Set Up Participants pane is displayed.
4. Select the required role to which you want to allocate users by checking the check-box on the role item line.
5. Click Add participants (Add participants).
The Find Participant dialog box is displayed.
6. Click Search.
The Search Results list is populated with all available users.
You can filter the list of users by entering details in the Full Name, User Name, Email, or Organization Name boxes. Wildcard searches are allowed.
7. Select the required user (or users) from the Search Results list and click Add>>.
The Participant List list is populated with all selected users.
8. Click OK.
The selected users are added under the role.
9. Click Complete Task.
10. Return to the information structure view.
For more information, see Set Up Participants Page.